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  • Aaron Luck  says:

    I am interested in any future re-runs of the Yvonne figures.



    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I’m hoping to have more available within the next few months.


      • Kris  says:


        I am also interested in purchasing some Yvonne dolls

  • Tadashi  says:

    I too am very interested in Zica Yvonnes & other female sets. Please contact me when available. Thanks in advance!

  • Jason  says:

    Hi, I am also interested in your 8 inch female and male type s bodies. Any idea of a rough timeframe when you will be getting more in stock?

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      I’m aiming for the end of July on the male bodies, and the end of October for the female bodies.

      • Bobbie  says:

        Are the male 1:9 Humanoid bodies available?

        • ZICA Toys  says:

          Development on the male Humanoid body is on hold for now.

  • Dan S  says:

    Count me in for a couple of the Yvonnes! I already ordered, and am waiting on, a blond head and black hands set! :)
    Waiting on the chance for the 8.0 Humanoid sets…

  • Julien  says:

    Also interested in a couple of yvonne bodies! :)

  • candy  says:

    Do you mean that they never had Hawk or Kller Kane for sale on the toy market? These are some great looking figures.
    Why didn’t your company produce them for sale? Also are there any future plans for other television science fiction figures such as Lost In
    Space. It would be great for someone to produce third season Lost In Space figures of all seven actors. Thank you.

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      No, Buck and Tiger Man were the only figures that got released. The line was canceled due to poor sales. Currently we have a line of Six Million Dollar Man figures in 3.75″ scale that are available for sale, and a modern 4″ Captain Action line is in development.


      • Laszlo  says:

        I agree with the previous consumer… that your BUCK ROGERS figures were the best that I have or have ever seen. It is a shame that you didn’t continue the line and re-acquire the licence. I also have all 3 of your SMDM figures. Good job on them as well! Hope to see more of those as well.

  • Joseph  says:

    Do you sell just the hands?

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      If you’re referring to the flesh tone hands, no, those aren’t sold separately.

  • Shaun  says:

    I’m very interested in the Action Man reveals shown on Boss Fight’s facebook page. I’d like to know when these will be available and what other characters or accessories we can look forward to.

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      In addition to Captain Action we also have Dr. Evil, Action Boy and Lady Action planned for the line. The availability has yet to be determined because everything is still very early in development.

  • Shaun  says:

    I understand it may be too soon to tell, but are the other figures also going to benefit from being sculpted by Boss Fight Studios?

  • Diana  says:

    Any chance of bringing back the Bionic Woman? Fembot? The Six Million Dollar Man Action figures are great but it is missing Jaime Sommers. I would also love to see Wonder Woman.

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Unfortunately no, there aren’t any plans for Bionic Woman or Wonder Woman figures.

  • cory friend  says:

    need information for wholesale please send me information thanks

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      I’ve sent you an email.

  • Ronald Coleman  says:

    Please reconsider the second wave of the Buck Rogers line. Hawk would be a much needed and highly prized addition to my collection. My wish would have been for Zica Toys to lead with one of the most iconic charaters in TV history.
    Hawk epitomized the anti-hero turned loyal companion to Buck. The show really didn’t begin until Hawks first appearance, for me and my many grade school class mates. I use to dream that one day Mego would create this figure. Whatever I need to do to get this to happen, I am ready.

    Ron Coleman

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Sorry to say but I no longer have the license for Buck Rogers.

  • Dan  says:


    Any chance the second wave of Six Million Dollar Man figures can some day see release? If not, do you have pics of finished figures/ prototypes? Any chance you’ll offer second wave card backs for sale if we can’t get the figures? Please?


    • ZICA Toys  says:

      The second wave of SMDM figures was canceled due to low preorder numbers and the prototypes only exist as digital sculpts.

  • Linda  says:


    Any dark haired Yvonne dolls coming in?


    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Hi Linda,

      Production on the figures is taking place now so I’m hoping to have Yvonne back in stock soon, and she will have dark hair.


  • /Amhe  says:

    Hello! Is there any chance that in the near future you will release a head matching (with color) the new Yvonne body? Or any other accessories/body parts? Thank you in advance!

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Heads that match the current flesh tone are coming but they have issues with the paint applications on the eyes. I’m still looking for a new factory that can do a better job at making the heads. As far as additional body parts are concerned, there are currently no plans for new pieces.


      • /Amhe  says:

        Thanks! Paint job issues of the eyes is not really a problem for me (going to customize the face anyway), it still seems to be easier to fix than the difference in the flesh tone. So are you going to sell new heads separately or with Yvonne body? What will be their hair color?

        • ZICA Toys  says:

          When I get the new heads that are in the correct flesh tone I’ll be selling those with the body. The blonde hair heads will go back to being sold separately. Once I’m able to find another factory I plan to offer more heads with different hair colors.

  • Keren  says:

    So no alternative heads for Yvonne as originally discussed?

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      Once I’m able to find a reliable factory there will be alternative heads made for Yvonne. I’m just not sure when that will be at this point.

  • Mike  says:

    Any more licenses from TV and Film franchises you guys are looking into yet? I know I mentioned one to you already, but maybe some of them could be Westerns.

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      No licenses for TV or film franchises but we are working on Captain Action, which is a licensed property.

  • Marc Curlee  says:

    Are there any plans to make the new-style bodies with necks that are compatible with the original MEGO heads?

    • ZICA Toys  says:

      No plans for that at this time.

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